Shuffle London Digital Design

Privacy Policy

Your child’s privacy is very important to us. Our privacy policy is simple:

  • We make self-contained apps that children can read, interact with, and enjoy.
  • We do not market to your children.
  • We do not connect to social media through our titles (unless behind a For Parents or More Info Button).
  • And we do not gather any information about the readers of our titles.
  • Our apps do not include any type of analytics. We do not collect or share personal data.

What the icons mean:

  • Ads – No app advertisements served from 3rd party ad networks in our apps.
  • Social – No integration with social networks such as Facebook or Twitter(unless behind a For Parents or More Info Button).
  • Location – No ability to track a user’s location, or any other information, from the app.
  • Web – There may be some hyperlinks to the internet that open a mobile web browser from within the app. Usually it’s just a link back to our site.
  • Purchase – No In-App Purchase functionality. Users cannot purchase content through “buy” or “unlock” features within the app.