Natalies Magic Picture

Natalie’s Magic Picture App

Natalie’s Magic Picture App

Natalie’s Magic Picture App


The cover image of this app is a copy of the mural I painted for Natalie when she was three years old. It shows Natalie standing between her dogs, James and Phoebe, looking at a scenic landscape filled with animals and characters.

Join Natalie as she steps into her picture for a journey to the Animal Funfair where she meets wonderful new friends and has a magical adventure. This interactive storybook contains 28 exciting pages enlivened with lovely music, hundreds of animations and great interactive surprises.

Natalie is very excited. She’s going to the Funfair...

But then her Dad calls out “We can’t go today. It’s raining” Natalie can’t believe it. She runs to the window, sees the storm, and her eyes fill with tears. Suddenly, a voice from her picture says,

“It’s not raining here, Natalie.”
“Come to our Animal Funfair, it’s always sunny here.”

There’s just one problem. The Animal Funfair is hidden. However, if Natalie helps everyone in her picture, they will help her find it.

But first, she must step into her picture. This she does, but will she find the Animal Funfair?

The Story

Click the pictures below to see a sneak preview of the interactive magical story.

The Author

Author / Illustrator / Narrator - Barbara Anne Stevens
Audio design and Music by Matthew Stevens

Born in London, England. Lived and worked in three countries. I have two sons, Robert and Matthew, two daughters-in-law Katherine and Jenny and I am Natalie's Grandmother.

Two of my favorite pastimes are painting and drawing, and this is my first book. The idea for the book came from Natalie's beloved Grandfather who suggested I write and illustrate a story about Natalie and the characters and scenes in her picture.

"Judge, 22nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards" :-

Sweet cover image. Unique concept of every character helping to access a Funfair, through the great idea of Natalie magically going inside her picture. Excellent choice. The book is populated by interesting little characters..... Good to have occasional rhyme, which creates a melody in the telling of this story. The Funfair images stand out as most professional, with lots of color and plenty for little eyes to explore in the details.

"Kirkus Indie Review" :-

Cover image beautiful to look at. Natalie and her father go on a magical adventure in this whimsical quest story. The local Funfair is canceled...... but all it takes is a little bit of magic to turn things around. The story plays out in fairy-tale fashion with each quest leading to the next until a happy ending. . Images of the Funfair are jam packed with animals....lap readers will enjoy poring over these images.


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